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Enrollment, your ability to get people “on the same page” with your idea, is as important a skill as your ability to properly coach in your box. The benefit to your business goes beyond traditional sales and permeates every aspect of your business. Unless your phone is ringing off the hook, booked weeks in advance for your intro or had to restrict your membership for referrals only, your business needs more enrollment. Basically you need to be able to communicate better with novices and not-yet-CrossFitters. Elite communicators will be able to engage complete strangers they meet OUTSIDE their box in what they are saying and get asked for information, card, website, etc. At first doing this may feel like, say, attempting your first snatch. And, similar to most things CrossFit, with practice comes improved ability.

Engage complete strangers outside your box and enroll them in what you do. You don’t have to only approach people. One of the best ways is to get people to COME TO YOU, do a work out outside, wearing your affiliate t-shirt, business cards in pocket.

Time limit of 5 days after this posting

2.5 points for people you get to take your business cards.
10 points for people who ASK YOU (unsolicited) for your card, site, phone etc.

First person to 50 points wins.



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