Being Ready for Competition Saturdays

Nothing puts competition days in better perspective than the CrossFit Games Open. Five weeks of real competition during which you want to be ready to give it all, put it all on the line. But how do you do that – and be ready for competition once each week for five weeks?

Here’s what I’d recommend:

Start with the Competition day that you want to be ready for – in this example, lets call it Saturday… then work backward.

Saturday – competition. Get good sleep the night before. Show up early. Warm up. Mobilize. Practice workout specific movements. Break a sweat. Then let it all hang out!

Friday is your practice / play day. Since you know the workout, you can break it down, testing work/rest ratios, how long a round will take you, deciding when to take breaks and how hard to go in the first round so that you’ll make it through to the end with momentum and strength. And then don’t forget about the little things – what equipment to use/wear, what shoes work best, grips or no grips, type of bar, moving through the room, etc. There really isn’t a metric that isn’t worth looking at so that you go in to Saturday with as much specific knowledge and experience of the WOD as possible.

Thursday is a rest / recovery day. This is yoga for me, but it could be anything (or nothing at all) that allows your body to rest and recuperate.

Wednesday is a practice day… one in which you should definitely break a sweat, maybe even do something moderately hard, but you should definitely not red-line or go for a 1RM. It’s a day to hold back.

Tuesday – this is your second potential hard day of the week – depending on how you’re feeling after Monday. If you need it, you can make it an easier day that allows you to recover from Monday. Otherwise, go hard.

Monday – this is your first of two optional hard days during the week (the other is Tuesday). 

Sunday – recovery / rest. Go easy, or do nothing at all.

This is the routine I’ll be following as much as possible for the remaining five weeks. Looking forward to having as many of you as possible taking part in this years Open alongside!

Wednesday’s Workout

A) Double under skill practice

B) 4RFQ (:30:30)
Thrusters (50-55%)
Kipping CTB pullups

And Coming Wednesday

A) Toes to bar skill practice
B) 3 RFQ on the 6:00
15 Burpees
20 Deadlifts (45%)
25 Wallballs to 10’
**4min Cap each round**

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