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Sometimes, all it takes is a positive attitude. Yesterday, Katheryn (pictured below) was about 5 minutes late for class. She pulled up, and as she was getting out of her car, Jonesy (who was actually taking class) yelled out to her from half way up the block, “We’ve already left for our run. Come on!” Katheryn took off after them… Now on a normal day, this wouldn’t be a big deal – a nice warm-up around the block, and you’d be back at the gym. But yesterday, the workout was a 10 km run – not exactly what she expected. She continued following along behind the people she could see for about 2 km, when Michael actually caught up to her in his car, told her how far they were running, handed her a map, and gave her the option of continuing, or getting a ride home with him. Of course, she refused the ride, and completed the entire 10k – her FIRST EVER! Congratulations, Katheryn – that is the epitome of what we do – show up, don’t quit!


Today’s Workout

Back Squat 3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1 reps
– goal is to determine your one rep maximum in the low bar position



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