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Today’s Workout
3 rounds, for time
400m run
21 Kettlebell Swings (24/16)
12 Pull-upsI mentioned here on the blog in passing last week that one thing I’ve learned over the last six months is the purpose I’ve been training with for the last…oh, ten to twelve years is no longer suitable for my actual goals and the rest of my life. I’ve come up against a series of injuries and chronic situations that if I continue to train as I’ve always trained, will continue to bother me as they have been bothering me, or in fact, might get worse.

I talked with my yoga instructor at length about it a while back. I told her it’s hard for me to dial things down and still feel like I accomplished something. I’m used to (literally) destroying myself in a workout. So as a result I end up going too hard, even when I don’t think I am, injuring myself, and then having to take a break. And then repeat that cycle…for the last nine months.

My yoga teacher drew me a picture of a thermometer and asked me to imagine my range of 0-10 in terms of workout intensity on the thermometer. She suggested it wasn’t that I needed to scale back my workouts, but that I needed to shift my entire scale of 1-10 to a different place on the thermometer. That my old “7” was maybe my new “9” and therefore shouldn’t be visited as often. And maybe my new “7” was like my old “5,” but instead of beating myself up over “only” working out at a 5-pace, what I really needed to do was recalibrate and let my 7 be my new 7.

Maybe it’s silly, or simple, but that kinda blew my mind.

What I needed was to reexamine the situation and see recalibrating not as letting myself off the hook, or failing to be what I “used” to be or am “supposed” to be, but instead see it as taking care of myself for who I am right now.

I plan for this vessel, my body, to last a really darn long time. I need to start acting that way.

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