Recovery Week

It’s a recovery week. The physical and mental aspects of training this week are intended to freshen you up vs. beat you down. Our competition workouts are meant to be short (especially given that we had two hero workouts last week). As always, be mindful, have fun and allow yourself to recover intelligently.

Monday’s Workout

“Buddy Battle Prep”
400m Run
30 AKB Swings (32/24)
20 CTB Pullups
10 Burpees to plate

And coming Tuesday
Recovery Practice

  Front squats
  3-5 x 3 (~85-90%)

Weighted chinups
  Work up to heavy 5

B) EMOM 20 at ≤ 7 RPE
Min 1: 3-6 Inverted burpees
Min 2: 30-50 Double unders
Min 3: 8-12 HR Pushups
Min 4: 6-10 Overhead squats (50-55%)
–30sec Cap each min–


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