Recovery Week

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We are in the midst of yet another Recovery Week. Each part of the three Practice Days this week is intended to be treated as active recovery workouts. This doesn’t mean these days are easy. In fact the sessions will require a lot of awareness and discipline, and your movement quality should have as much precision as you are capable of producing. But strive to work at an intensity that will allow you to walk out of the classroom on these days feeling refreshed.

Also enjoy this picture of some members of the CFLA Tri Team in their uniforms for Sunday’s upcoming triathlon!

Thursday’s Workout
Recovery: Practice

A) 2 RFQ w/ a partner at ≤ 7 RPE
A: 500m Row
5 Inverted burpees
10 HR Pushups
Switch & Repeat

B) EMOM 10
3-position Power cleans
(Low to high)

Back squats
3-5 x 3 (~85-90%)

And Coming Friday

“Franklin Hill”
6 on the 6:00




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