Recovery Week

We are mid Open. Every year people push themselves extraordinarily hard during this time and it’s awesome. It can also come at a cost if you aren’t getting good rest and recovery. Our practice days during recovery weeks are designed to keep you fresh, active and sharp.

I’d like to invite any of you interested in: Improving your health by increasing alkalinity/dropping acidity; Improving work capacity by consciously oxygenating organs and muscles; Or simply creating a wonderful mental space to come and play at our last Wim Hof Class during the WLC (Tuesday 530am).  It’s early and it’s worth it – I promise.

Monday’s Workout
Recovery: Practice

     Bench presses

B) 10 RFQ on the 2:00 @ ≤7 RPE
     50 Double unders
     5 Strict pullups
     5 Strict ring dips
 –75sec Cap each round–

And Coming Tuesday

“Franklin Hill 1, 2, 3″
3 Rounds for total time:
     50m Sprint (1st to 2nd light)
     100m Sprint (1st to 3rd light)
     150m Sprint (1st to 4th light)
–All intervals start on the 3:00–


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