Recovery Week & Free Pose Running Seminar

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First, THE Dr. Romanov (founder of Pose Running Method) will be conducting a free seminar on Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 PM. Go.

Second, this is a RECOVERY WEEK (4th, 8th and 12th weeks are such).  Take advantage of the Practice Days Tue, Wed, and Fri to work movements with a exquisitie quality and kick arse virtuosity. 

Monday – One word: SCALE.  “Angie,” can be a doozy.  Respect her. 

Tuesday – Focus on the pyramid with your HSPU’s, and kiss the crown of your head on the floor/mat.  The alternative is a line between your hands and head as you crash down on your skull… this one alternative I prefer we don’t practice as shoulders and spines tend not to appreciate it. 

Wednesday – This will most likely be a model that we use a lot moving forward.  My friend and trusted colleague Jami Tikkanen (Annie Thorisdottir’s coach) has used this with great success for athletes of all levels.  There is NO need to “Crush” this workout – it is meant as a recovery, movement quality flush.  Keep a lid on it kids.

Thursday – Mental Toughness – bring it for your Front Squats and 3 short sets of rowing. If you haven’t done this workout before it’s a great test of pacing, heart and mindset.

Friday – Work quality kips after holding those sandbags.  Also, good opportunity to work the Bench.  


Monday’s Workout

100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Situps
100 Squats
**25min cap**

Scale beg: ½ Angie.
Scale int: ¾ Angie
MUST do movements in order

And Coming Tuesday
Recovery Practice 

A) For quality
     1500m Row at 7.5 RPE

B) HSPU Skill Practice

C) EMOM 12
     Odd: 8 T&G Deadlifts (≤40%)
     Even: 30 seconds of  Saw Plank

D) 10 Rounds for quality
2 Circuits:
     1 Cluster
     1 Jerk
     1 Rear-rack thruster
**Hold onto bar through all 2 circuits of each round**
**30sec rest between rounds**





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