Recovery Week

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by Kenny Kane

CONGRATS TO ALL BUDDY BATTLE PEEPS (Competitors, volunteers, family and friends)! Tremendous gusto! I know AP and or Diz will have more on this later in the week so I’m gonna get right into coaching stuff.

This week is a, “Recovery Week.”  We’ve done this before with success and will be using this concept throughout cycle 6. Basically every fourth week during the 12 weeks of programming we chill out a smidge. What does that mean? On Practice days lower intensity and allow your body and mind to recover while simultaneously training the movements you’re working on. Don’t worry you’ll still get plenty of intensity with two competition workouts and a set of heavy front squats. But the overall idea is to be fresh going into next week.

Monday’s Workout

     2 Circuits of Barbell Complex* (<50% thruster, or <35% jerk)
     200m Run
     20 Arch rocks
     20 Hollow rocks

 *Barbell Complex:
     1 Cluster
     1 Jerk
     1 Rear-rack thruster
 **Hold entire bar through both circuits**

B) EMOM 15
     1st min: 125-175m Row
     2nd min: 2-5 Sandbag ground to shoulder
     3rd min: 10 Diagonal plate chops (5 ea. side)


And Coming Tuesday

FT (For Time)
800m Row
60 TTB
400m Sandbag front carry (100/70)



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