Redefining Perfection

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Three rounds for time of:
500 Row
15 DL (225/155)
20 Lateral bar over burpees


“Franklin Hill 1,2,3”

3 rounds for total overall time:
Short – from 1st to 2nd light (left)
Medium – from 1st to 3rd ligtht (right)
Long – from 1st to 4th light (left)
**All intervals start on the 3:00**
Practice makes perfect, right? Well, actually, if you really stop think about it, PERFECT practice makes perfect… because if you don’t practice the things the way you want them to be, perfectly, all you’re doing is burning in patterns or habits that you don’t want, right?

So, stick with me here, if perfect practice makes perfect… does it also stand to reason that if you can’t do something perfectly, then you shouldn’t do it at all? I mean really, why bother? So if you buy into that logic, then why bother starting to do anything at all?

Do you find yourself with expectations of perfection? A perfectly clean house, a perfectly made bed, a perfect grade on a paper, a perfect personal record every time you work out, having perfect form in your squat, clean, or snatch (every time you lift), a perfect body, a perfect family… And if these things aren’t perfect, or aren’t living up to your expectations of perfection… self judgement ensues.

Maybe it’s not so much about being perfect, rather, narrowing it down to something for which you can actually achieve ‘perfection’. Another way of saying it, re-defining perfection.

A great example for me has been in my Olympic weightlifting training. I am not what I would call a great Olympic weightlifter… to many, I’m not even what you would call ‘good.’ But I do know what I need to work on – and that is in speeding up the ‘closing’ of my hip joint… getting it to go from opening quickly (when I move through the 2nd pull), transitioning to closing, and then closing quickly (like a lightning bolt – when mine moves more like molasses). So, what I’ve done in any workout that involves squat cleans or squat snatches is to make sure that I can feel that hip joint moving like lightning (I know what it’s supposed to feel like). And I’ll do anything to ensure that happens (lighten the load, slow down, change shoes, whatever it takes). I have defined “perfection” as hips move like lightning… and if I have achieved THAT, then it’s perfect, I’m perfect, my training for that day was perfect.

What about you? Where could you narrow down your focus, and find something for which could actually obtain perfection? And once finding it, what would you need to do to make THAT your objective, above all else… whether in the gym or in your life?



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