Relaxing through to the Finish Line


Quarterly Check-in Week
21-15-9 rep rounds for time of:
Deadlifts (225/135)
Handstand Push ups

Original Test Date: 1/7/13


Quarterly Check-in Week
Spend 20 minutes to find your 1 Rep Max Power Clean
Spend 20 minutes to find your 1 Rep Max Front Squat

Original Test Date: 1/8/13The Whole Life Challenge is winding down – only 5 days to go. And as I’ve gone through 4 iterations, I’ve learned new things each time. As I’m preparing for life after WLC #4, without the high level of accountability the WLC demands, I’m starting to make food decisions that look more life ‘real life’ for me. For example, as I was shopping at Costco yesterday afternoon, I picked up a bottle of wine and a rotisserie chicken (both mean deductions of a point). Ordinarily during the WLC, I’d NEVER do this. I’d simply (but not easily) make choices that honor my commitment to the Challenge over feelings and convenience. But up until now, I’ve gone right up through the end, and then, more often than not, totally collapsed… dropping back into a life of wheat, gluten, sugar, dairy and the like.

This time, I’m taking the points. I’m going to give myself some room and flexibility this week… making my goal to get at least 2 points each day, and making the best choices I can to honor my no sugar, dairy, grain, juice, alcohol, and artificial ingredient commitment. As long as I can say at the end of the day that the choices I made today were worth the points – that’s good enough for me. I’m hoping that a more relaxed approach during the final week will allow me to maintain more of the great habits I’ve developed over the past 7 weeks.

What is your strategy this week?

CrossFitLA Image
“Hey – what’s wrong with that guy rolling around on the floor?” Zach – finishing with an ungodly 152 reps on 13.5.

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