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Remebering Louis by Andy Petranek.

In case you missed it last week, we lost another great American hero, Louis Zamperini. No, he’s not a household name, but the book about his life was a NY Times Bestseller (Unbroken: 
A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption – and the lesson, the recurring theme of his life, never give up, is something we can all learn from. 
Louis was a runner, an Olympian, a WWII Pilot, and a survivor. He was a guy who never understood the meaning of “give up”. 45 Days at sea, floating in a life raft in the South Pacific with almost no food at water after his plane was shot down, only to wash ashore onto a Japanese controlled island then taken as a POW where he became the favorite target of the head guard, suffering unheard of abuse and torture… for 3 years. Coming back home… meeting his future wife, going through incredibly hard times… and ultimately turning it all around.

What did it it mean for him to “never give up?

Being tough?  You betcha.

Tenacious? Of course.

Finding a way, whatever the circumstance, to make it work? Definitely.

Having thick skin, and the ability to “get over it” quickly when he slipped up? For sure.

And it’s something that all of us need reminding of regularly. The choice to be healthy, fit and well isn’t easy… especially given the day-to-day challenges of every day life. It requires toughness and tenaciousness… and it takes rigor around finding a way to make it work – to choose it, each and every day, over the thousands of other possible, more instantly gratifying things out there. Do you have what it takes? Now, are you willing to do it, every single day?

Louis’ life was nothing short of remarkable and it lives on to serve each of us as an example and reminder.

We’ve all got some Louis Zamperini in us. Do yourself a favor and find yours. Oh – and pick yourself up a copy of the book – it won’t disappoint.


A) 2 RFR (:30:30)

Row for cal

Burpee broad jumps

Alt. one step drop jumps for max height

Wall balls (20/14)

C) 3×5 BS (20 min)

D) 3×5 Press (15 min)


“Da Tiny Hopper”

6am class will randomly pull a workout from the hopper.




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