Remembering Our Whys

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To say that I am often introspective is a bit of an understatement. I mean, I really know how to throw myself down a rabbit hole in search of the deepest meaning of Life. I’m like an emotional luger bombing  toward a connection to a universal thread. If you see me staring out the window, there’s a good chance that “What’s the purpose of it all” is in the forefront of my brain. I could, too, just be hungry and daydreaming about the next cheat meal, but I’m brooding about it just the same.

I tend to geek out on life’s Big-Picture meaning — even the big picture of the exact moment, if that makes any sense. (Welcome to my brain.) But staying connected to specific details  — or the pin-point reasons why we do what we do — can pack as much of a punch as the big, universal epiphanies.

This last Sunday, I took the girls to visit the Farm Sanctuary ,  a place we used to visit a lot when they were younger. It’s a non-profit farm that rescues farm animals and takes great, kind care of them. They’ll get pigs or calves that have fallen off transport trucks. They’ll take in truck loads of neglected animals rescued from a hoarder. They are the last resort for animals that seemed like a good domestic pet at one time. For example, they currently have a llama and a Brahma bull that were abandoned when their care became too much for the owner. Farm Sanctuary also uses its resources to educate people about factory farming and for vegan advocacy. They are not forceful, proselytizing, or self-righteous. Their compassionate and gentle approach reminded me very specifically of why I’m a vegan. It’s not that I forgot what I stand for, but being physcially back in that environment with those animals brought me back to one of my principle “whys.” It strengthened my mission of advocacy through fitness as a vegan athlete. Our trip to the farm where I was nuzzled by a sweet, lumbering calf named Manelito and got a good belly laugh from old, happy goats reinforced why I live how I live.

I’m not pushing veganism on you (unless it’s working :)) though I do recommend visiting Farm Sanctuary. What I’m suggesting is that you get re-inspired by the original reasons why you started something important. Why did you originally love your job? A hobby? Why are you studying what you’re studying? Why did you start your fitness journey? Getting back in touch with your original and specific whys might be the spark you need to keep on going stronger than ever .


Tuesday’s Workout

“Mile Minus Your Clean”

0:00 – 15:00
1RM Clean

15:00 – 25:00

1mi Run

–Score is mile time in seconds minus clean weight.–

And Coming Wednesday

A) For quality load, working up across sets
5 Sets
3 Below-knee hang squat cleans + 1 Press

B) 3 RFQ
2 9yd Plate pushes
14 DB Bentover rows
14 Alt Pistols
–2-3min Rest between rounds–



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