Week 14 of 14: RE-TEST 4

30 Squat Snatches (135/95)

Week 14 of 14: RE-TEST 5

100 Pull ups
100 Push ups
100 Sit ups
100 SquatsRepetition has a certain elegance to it. Our brains are fascinated by it. When you find something with no pattern to it, your brian will make one up. It’s why fractals are so endlessly amazing – holographic repetition in what seems like visual chaos.

And then you look at your life. And repetition is anything but elegant. You want NEW! EXCITING! DIFFERENT! SPONTANEOUS! ADEVENTURE EVERY DAY! And you may even believe that this is what it is to be fully alive.

But ask yourself, have you mastered repetition?

Like a great artist, you must master the fundamentals before you can break the rules. Life can be new, exciting, different, spontaneous, and an adventure every day. But you will only really succeed if it is not either that or repetition.

When you master repetition, your life takes on a certain flow. It gains a momentum, a kinetic energy. Your biggest accomplishment will be to master and not to be mastered by repetition. It is when you can no longer break free, when it has you, that you are suffocated by it.

When you resist repetition, you cannot have creative, effective spontaneity. You have only chaos. A fully realized life demands structure, mastery by repetition.

Master repetition but know you do not have to be imprisoned by it. Like flight to a bird, it is not a thing for its own sake, it carries you. It is the solid ground that you stand on, it is your nuclear core, it is your wings. Learn to use it and you can fly anywhere.

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