Reposting Positivity


A) EMOM 10
O: 6 Alt Pistols
E: 10 Alt Bird Dogs from elbow plank
**hold for 1-ct at the top of each rep**

B) 4 Rounds for quality total (:30:15)
Weighted pull-ups
Power clean and split jerks
Wall balls (20/14)


A) 4×3 Back Squat (+2-5) (20 min)

B) 2 Rounds for quality and pace, on the 10:00
500m Row
400m Run
30 Burpees
**8 min cutoff**

Breaking Muscle recently reposted an old article I wrote. The article – a positive recount of my CrossFit experience — became relevant again because of the recent dust-up about a slew of negative articles about CrossFit, one in particular that’s frankly just sensational baiting and aggravating fluff. It’s not even worth linking here.

But since it has gotten a lot of attention, I thought I too would repost a portion of my article, which is basically about staying true to the things that make you happy. Period. We can’t care about the curt judgment of others. Their opinions cannot hold weight over our desire to love something – especially the opinions of run-of-the-mill bloggers who get paid to get under your skin.

I post this, coincidentally, on my four year CrossFitersary.

“Last week, I wrote an update on Facebook announcing I had reached my two year CrossFit anniversary, or CrossFitersary. I reminisced about my first WOD, which was a Tabata deadlift at seventy-five pounds – bless my heart – after which we did a workout called “Cardio Gone Bad.” Gasp. A lot of my friends ‘liked’ the post and congratulated me. One friend wrote, ‘Dang, you sure love CrossFit.’ For a nanosecond I was a little embarrassed by the comment because it put an overly bright and exposing spotlight on something I spend a lot of time doing. Like having a passion is a problem.

We seem to be a culture that is defined by its consummate coolness. If we get too excited about something, spend a lot of time doing it (especially if we’re not getting paid to do so), speak a lot about it, or are just genuinely fired up about something then we’re freaks, fanatics, in a cult, drank the Kool-Aid, etc. We should be embarrassed if something revs our engines, and then we get to hear comments like, “Boy, you sure do love fill-in-the-blank, huh?” Which I guess really means, “Tone it down, will ya?”

It took me a long time to sort out that which I am passionate about. I grappled for so long with guilt about any time spent on passions outside of my family and work – like I wasn’t supposed to have a passion. Almost every parent I know goes through this. And if it has taken me this long to let myself enjoy the things I truly enjoy, then it seems kind of ridiculous to feel embarrassed about being so into it.

So, I’m just gonna love the f*ck out of it.

I’m gonna love the f*ck out of CrossFit and everything else I put a hundred percent into. Really, what’s the point if we don’t? Once I began living my life this way, it was like I unclogged the storm drains. Every experience heightened. Everything seemed more fun. The returns have been a hundred fold. The smallest progress feels like a million bucks. Every moment is not the road to something great; every moment is great.” (Read the full article here.)

You guys, just be you. Life is so much better that way, and your friends and family like you better that way, too. P.S. After four years at CFLA, I still love the f*ck out of it.

As we go into this weekend, let me know what you love the f*ck out of in the comments.

5:30 class not loving this at all … (Photo by Alek Edwards)
CrossFitLA Image

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