Resolutions for success

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Thursday’s Workout
For time
10 Seated Shoulder Press (35/20)
20 DB Burpees
30 Renegade Row (1-ct)
40 Thrusters
800m Run
40 Thrusters
30 Renegade Rows
20 DB Burpees
10 Seated Shoulder Press

…and coming Friday
“Tabata This”
8 rounds of:
20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest of each of the following:
Row (for calories)
Rest 1 minute between exercisesThere is a ton of data out that that says that resolutions don’t work. According to the data, “x” percentage of people who start something in January won’t be engaged in it “x” weeks later. Start the year with “I’m going to resolve to ‘y’ more often” and you can count on that you won’t be “y-ing” in February.

Why the heck is that?

Because resolutions are BORING. They are STATIC. They are something you decide on one day that you have to do all year long. BAH! I say forget resolutions. Don’t do ANY ONE THING anymore.

I suggest the following:

1) Sit down and decide what this is the year of. For example, “The year of mind, body, and soul,” or “The year of family,” or heck, “The MILLION DOLLAR year!”
2) Now DON’T decide right now the action that you think is going to get you there. What I mean is don’t assume on January 1st that you know what thing or two things or three things (be careful of thing overload!) are going to be that will get you there.
3) Wake up each day and ask yourself, “If this is the year of mind, body, and soul (or whatever YOU chose), what will I do today?”
4) Do that
5) Repeat until you notice a pattern of movement in the right direction
6) Make those the actions that you repeat often
7) Go to step 3

People may pick a thing on day 1 but if they don’t end up liking it, don’t follow through, can’t figure it out, WHATEVER, they don’t find a new thing! It just winds up another resolution on the resolution heap.

Decide who you are going to BE this year and ask yourself every day, “If I am that NOW, what do I do today?”

Sound good?

New year, new day, EVERY DAY



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