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When’s the last time you set a PR (personal record) in a run, ride or workout? Recently, or a while ago, or so long you can’t remember? How about this, when is the last time you took a week off? I mean TOTALLY off – no working out at all?

Your body doesn’t build and grow during a workout. It’s the rest you get between workouts during which your body is busy making adaptations – and this recovery time is critical to your improvement. Your ability to recover is positively influenced by things like: getting 8 hours of sleep, regular and repeated stretching, meditation, eating a meal or snack every 3-4 hours, drinking lots of water, and TAKING TIME OFF.

Try this: Take a week completely off. Don’t even THINK about working out. During that week, practice some of the things I mentioned above. Then go for some PRs the following week. Enjoy!



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