Rest Day for a CrossFitter


A) EMOM 8 @ ~ 77.5% of 1RM Sq. Sn
2 PP
2 Snatch Balance
B) 10 minutes Dip position/skill work
C) Max rep dips (adv kip): 1:1
D) For time and reps:
At start of clock:
400 run for time
At 5:00: 2 Min max reps strict pullups
At 10:00: 400 run for time


“Crossfit Total” In 45 minutes, exactly 15 min per lift.
1RM Press
1RM Back SquatSo, have you tried it yet? You know, the article you saw on Facebook last week from the NY Times about a ‘magical and perfect’ 7-minute workout (this one here). I wonder of the MILLIONS of readers of this article, how many people actually gave the 7-minute workout a whirl? Were you like everyone else that looked at it for a second decided you knew better, and moved on? After all, you do CrossFit, right?

Well, I tried it. And here’s what I thought… it was great! For a 3-5x/week CrossFitter, it will feel like a good warm-up – and I think on a day you’re taking as an easy or rest day, if you want something quick and complete – this is great (maybe sub burpees for jumping jacks). But I know that for MANY people out there, it will feel like a good workout. It moves well through the body (hits everything except pulling – which without a pull-up bar or barbell is almost impossible to do), is as intense as you make it (since each movement is a 30″ max effort.)

Go ahead… give it a shot. And let me know what you think… AFTER you try it.

Clearly that barbell WILL move if I just think about it enough.

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