Ride the Subway?  30 Squats Please!

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“Catch Me If You Can!”
Teams of 4, Relay serpentine style
4 rounds for time:
250m Row
12 Med ball sit to stands (20/14)
50 Double unders
200m Anything but run


CFLA Level Testing!

How do you get someone to take a new, different action every day in relation to their health and fitness? I’m talking about someone who really doesn’t want to… or at least doesn’t see the need to put out the effort? Is it even possible?

What if you tied it in to money… something that is much nearer and dearer to many people’s hearts than their own health? Could you incentivize them enough to get them to change? What if you could use technology (video camera, iPhone, software, FitBit, etc) to prove that they took action… and by doing so many actions, they got some sort of tax write off, or discount off their health insurance premium? Would that sort of incentive work on you?

What if it were even simpler – like earning a free ticket to ride the subway in exchange for doing 30 squats?

That’s too simple, right? I mean how much of a difference could 30 squats make? Done every day, that’s over 10,000 squats a year… and for someone doing nothing but working and sitting, that’s significant.

Well, you can actually get a free subway ticket in exchange for 30 squats if you want to, today… in Moscow (read the article). Their purpose is to “add elements of sport into daily life”, and, of course, to promote the Olympic Games. While they’re not doing it to necessarily change the world and make individual people healthier, it got me thinking about what is, in fact, possible in today’s world by combining technology, innovation, and simple financial incentive (bribery).

What do you think?



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