Rigors of Life in a Workout

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Ring Dips
DB Squat Clean Thrusters (55/40)
Renegade Rows (2 count)

Week 10 of 14: PRACTICE

A) 3 Rounds For Quality (RFQ)
15 TTB
30 squats
15 strict pullups
B) 3 sets on the 4:00 of:
3 FS @ 87.5-90%Many of you know, my son’s name is Dashel. When Kenny asked me to write a workout with his name, I thought to myself, well this is corny… how could I write a workout that encapsulates the love I have for my son? It would be like trying to write about him in one sentence or less… like really? And with a workout… what movements? How long? How heavy? How in the world would I know?

Well, I wrote what is below… it just sort of flowed out of my pen – didn’t think too much about it. After writing it and sending it off to Kenny – he texted me back something about it being a ‘manmaker’ workout. And then it hit me… the movements, the reps, the weight – have nothing really to do with how it represents my son. No…

This is a workout that takes guts to even show up. It’s gonna go slow, will be heavy, will tempt you even to quit (or lower the weight). You’ll be thinking in the round of 9 and 8 that you might not ever finish this thing. It will be grueling and a struggle to finish. And to me, that’s a like the rigors of life… We’re challenged beyond that which we think we’re capable. We’ve got to endure even when we think we can’t. We keep going in spite of everything working against us. We’re tested time and again with things that appear to be against all odds… yes… they are opportunities for growth. And in the spiritual context, we’re measured not by our success or failure, but rather by HOW we handle the challenges. Are we still good to ourselves and others, kind and compassionate? Can we get back up even after we fail? Do we keep a fun-loving, positive attitude? Do we accept things as they are and not judge ourselves or others in the process?

“Dashel” is a perfect name for this workout – because if, in fact, it presents the opportunity for working these issues, they are exactly the types of challenges that I’d choose to leave for my son… ones that present him with the chance to struggle through and learn for himself.

So join me today for “Dashel” – who knows, you could learn something about life… and it could be the opportunity of a lifetime!

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