Road Mile, GRID match and Workouts for the Week

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And here we go with Cycle 6!  Again, the big picture for the cycle is strength endurance. We will experiment with a number of different barbell complexes to that end.  These complexes will give you unique clues to your body’s mobility and or lack of (pay attention and make improvements).  


Monday’s Workout

A) 20 Front squats (95% 20RM)

B) “Tuminello’s Plate Circuit (Minus Lunges)”

   5 Circuits for quality:
   8 OHS
   8 Swings
   8 Bentover rows
   8 Diagonal chops (Right)
   8 Diagonal chops (Left)
**Rest 90sec between each circuit**

C) 3 RFT

   100m Sandbag carry
    75 DU


And Coming Tuesday 

“The Chip-Hates-You Chipper”

25 Power cleans (165/115)
50 Jumping lunges
75 Situps
50 Burpees
25 American KBS (32/20)



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