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I was extremely fortunate to find my way to CrossFit LA about 9 months before a
major mid-life career change brought me to the rigorous
Los Angeles Fire Department Drill tower training academy. Thanks to my regularly
self-administered CrossFit floggings, I was able to began the
successfully complete that journey while in the best shape of my life.
There is good reason as to why CF is the chosen workout regiment for
many fire departments and armed forces units. It just works.

Try it and you will see. You might come to CFLA for the great
instructors who offer diverse and creative workouts. You might come
because you enjoy the “task at hand”, to complete the workouts every
day, to feel the satisfaction of “getting ‘er done”. You will come
because the results will be there. Your times will improve, your form
will improve, you will even be better at the work, sports or
activities you do outside of CF. But all that said, you will stay for
the camaraderie. You will stay for the constructive pushes from the
coaches, for the verbal encouragement of your friends working with
you, and for the high fives from the stranger passing you on that
last run. That is what will keep you at CFLA every day, no matter what
“evil” gets put on that board. Enjoy every minute of it.

Roger Sackaroff
Los Angeles Fire DepartmentThanks to my regularly self-administered CrossFit floggings, I got myself into the best shape of my life in preparation for the LAFD fire academy, and was easily able to keep up with my peers, who were mostly over 10 years younger!

Roger Sackaroff, LAFD



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