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Today’s Skill
Deadlift & Shoulder Press

Today’s Workout
“Lil Diane”
Shoulder press

Today’s Game
Personal Records –
Max seated pull ups
Shuttle Run
Max situps in 1 minStudents in our CrossFit LA Kids program learn how to be leaders and role models. Our Little Champs (3-5 yrs) class takes place directly after our Champs (6-12 yrs) class and it is not unusual to see the little ones observing from the patio or the corner of the room. In fact, it is common to see them trying to do the same moves as they watch, experimenting to see if they can do the same positions. It is another example of how group learning is a success and how the bigger kids can take pride in their knowledge and set good examples for other children.

The “Little Champs” peak in on what the “Champs” do in class.



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