Running on Empty

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This past September I was fortunate enough to have traveled to Iceland for an extended vacation.
I was on my way back from the Netherlands where I wrapped up a long season of triathlon racing.    I spent the better part of my time driving around the country, looking for parts unknown, far away from other tourist and popular attractions. Iceland was not on my bucket list nor was I hoping to find my self :-)…I just wanted to explore a new place and unplug for a while.

As the days past, I started to realized I had been running every day.  You guys, (Oak Park /CFLA) know me as a runner…but it’s been a long time since I’ve run on consecutive days.  Furthermore, I could not recall how far or how long my runs were and sometime even where I had run the previous day…I was “just” running!  As much as we coach into context and lend intention to our physical activities, sometimes the measure of one’s experience can be just be that – the experience it self.

Even as I write this, I know I ran a lot, in fact I’m recalling I may have run a few times in a single day….not like me at all!  However, what is presently fresh in my mind, were the smells, the cold air and the feeling of my feet on unfamiliar soil and sand.  Maybe I’m over romanticizing my running, but I can think of no better way of feeling…like running on empty of all intention and pretext.


5 rounds FT

400m Run

10 Dead Lift (225/145) 50% of 1RM)


THURSDAY (REMINDER – NO 12:30pm workout this day)

(A) EMOM 10 (for quality load):

1 Power Clean + 2 Hang Power Cleans

(B) AMRAP 15:

15 Lateral burpees

12 Kipping Pull-ups

9 Power Cleans (~75% of best from (A))

Peak: Nasal breathing only

Base: Experiment with Breath

(C) AMCAP 5 (with a partner):

Assault Bike (cals)

Peak: Nasal breathing only

Base: Get it done breathing any way you want



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