Running is a Movement

Running is a Movement

Today’s Workout

3-2-2-1-1-1-1I had a revelation about running during a recent workout. Now, I’ve been working on my running speed a little bit, separate from doing the workouts in class, and it is definitely starting to have a positive effect on the running portions of the WODs. After one of my most recent workouts I realized that I don’t treat running like it’s a movement! I have treated running, most of the time, as a break between the movements that matter. It’s not that I haven’t considered the part that running plays in my training, but I don’t run like It’s a MOVEMENT to train.

Most of you would probably think I had lost it if I coached you to go ahead and row as fast as you possibly could paying no attention whatsoever to what it looked like, right? Well, up until now if I didn’t feel up to running, I dragged my feet and moved through space as best I could, just waiting for it to end! I’m now inviting you to take on training running as a movement with me. The first thing that I’ve done for myself is identify what it should look and feel like, just as I would in any movement. Now, if I cannot maintain that, I stop, take a short break, recenter, and continue on. Just like I would in any movement. Now my running feels not just like training for endurance, but like mastering a skill and becoming fitter through efficiency.

What has been your experience with running? Is it similar to mine? What will you take on to transform it for yourself?

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