Sal Masekela is going to the Olympics!

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On a continuously running clock perform following:

0:00-5:00 find Max total DU’s
15:00-30:00 find Max Clean & Jerk
35:00-37:30 Max Calories 2:30 Row


A) EMOM 5 – DB Squat Cleans for Skill and Load
10 DB Squat Cleans – focus on hip extension and flexion

B) 4 RFQ :45:15
Strict Chest to Bar Chin Ups
Arch Rocks

C) 4 Rounds for total reps :45:15
Row (cal)
Alt. DB Snatch
:60 Rest During Thursdays workout, or “40 minute death march,” Sal Masekela got me fired up. I mean really fired up. One of the things we all love about crossfit is that takes us to our ledge physically. As a coach I watched Sal step to the ledge and take that leap that we can all so easily fear. The ledge where a second round takes three times as long as the first, your lungs and or head might just explode, or you simply start saying, “This is stupid. Why the @*%# do I do this?!” Done sloppily this can be an abyss not really worth returning to (Read: this stuff burns me out – I quit and I’m going to Soul Cycle…). Done mindfully this can be a place of profound growth and grit development (Read: Holy cow, I can actually do this stuff no matter how hard it is. And I might just go to Soul Cycle afterwards just to say I can). Simply put Sal’s mind and heart were so locked into his body that the he produced one of the best times of the day: Outstanding physical performance for sure. However, far more outstanding was his ability to calmly lock in his mind to the task at hand and passionately attack it with all his heart.

What makes this even more compelling is that when Sal got to the gym I could tell that he was a fried piece of toast. We all have those kind of days where somebody might just say the wrong thing and suddenly you feel like you’re one breath away from taking a swing, a shout, or just start crying right there on the spot. My boy was not far removed from this place. Yet he dove into the moment with the kind of commitment that is palpable – that you can feel deep inside when you witness it. With intention, and with abandon Sal let go of the insanely stressful day that he was having, got after it and arguably had the best workout I’ve ever seen him have.

But this wasn’t random or a one time thing. Sal’s been changing habits, his mindset and working his ass off to prepare for the biggest moment of his career: THE WINTER OLYMPICS ON NBC! If its true that how you workout and take care of yourself reflects how you show up in other areas of your life Sal Masekela will be incredible in Sochi! We love you Sal! Good luck in Russia and keep reppin’ CFLA like you do!

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