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The Same Kits drive collected a lot of tampons, guys. I mean, we really did build Chip’s “Mt. Tampon” up in the offices. Maya told me we had so many we could’ve made a tampon ball pit. I really considered making that, but I didn’t want to ruin any considering the reason we were collecting them in the first place

We didn’t just collect a lot of tampons, but also a ton of other product that went into our Same Kits. Here was the final inventory:

3,078 tampons

1,850 pads

704 liners

262 hand sanitizers

172 baby wipes

250 Advil

6 bags of warm clothes

414 chocolates

Yes, we decided to buy chocolates, too, per a brilliant suggestion by one of Mina’s friends.

On assembly day, a solid group of CFLAers efficiently put together 162 kits. 100 will go to Safe Place for Youth, which Mina and I are delivering on Tuesday. 20 kits went to a local food outreach, and 42 bags will go to various street outreach. We had enough to share some supplies with a Northern Californian group also supplying homeless women with feminine-hygiene products. And we also have some supplies and donations left to kick off our efforts for a Christmas run of kits.

I’d say our project was an amazing success. We couldn’t have done it without your generosity, empathetic spirit, your open mindedness, and willingness to get behind our small, grassroots project that will hopefully have a little bit of a fundamental impact. Thank you again.



Tuesday’s Workout
Thanksgiving Fun Week

A) Triple broad jump

B) 2 Rounds
2min Max Distance Box push
1min Max Throws to box

60sec Burpees
60sec Partner MB Chest passes

Wednesday’s Workout
Thanksgiving Fun Week

A) Monkey Bar Cross

B) 3 Rounds
10 front squats (50%)
:30 MB twist throw and catch (L)
:30 MB twist throw and catch (R)

C) 45sec Max Kettlebell Swings

Max Effort Monkey Taps




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