Sat, April 22 – Shoulder Mobility Seminiar with Alex Ellis

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Alex Ellis is coming back to CFLA on Saturday April 22 with more of her fantastic mobility series. In the past she has focused on hips and the diaphragm-back. This time she’ll show us how to better care for our shoulders. For 2 hours, she will show us stretches, activation, and how to use tools like the soft lacrosse ball and the alpha ball to get into and relieve our shoulders. Two hours with her is worth every penny of the $40 — and more. I’ve learned so much just from her last 2 workshops. Don’t miss it! Sign up sheet is in the main gym.

What: Bulletproof Shoulders workshop with Alex Ellis
When: Sat, April 22, 11:30-1:30pm
Cost: $40
Limited to 30 people – sign up sheet in the main gym

In her own words:

Bulletproof Shoulders

Shoulders that click, snap, pop, crunch or make noise are in serious need of attention. Technology and the stress of daily living create the perfect storm for dysfunction and imbalances in your shoulders.

In this workshop, you will learn how to improve strength, stamina and performance in all shoulder positions – from overhead squats, handstands, kipping, pull ups, Downward Facing Dog and everything in between. Dysfunction is dysfunction, regardless of what activity you are trying to do. Perform better and recover faster – these techniques can be used as part of your pre-workout routine or your post-workout recovery!

Attendees will leave with shoulders (and minds) feeling balanced, refreshed, and 

Therapy Ball rollouts focused on rotator cuff and shoulders. exercises for shoulder stability + core integration with plank and other movements. A healthy shoulder should be able to maintain stability in all positions. “



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