Saturday: PR’s and a Bondsy-Q


Monday’s Workout

A) Shoulder CARs (Controlled articular rotations, aka shoulder circles!)

B) AMRAP 15:
7 Tempo Push Ups (3-2-1)
200m Run (upshifting/downshifting breathing gears)

C) Snatch Balance
4×3 by feel
(not more than 70% of 1RM SN)

D) Segmented Snatch Pull
4×3 by feel
(not more than 90% of 1RM SN)

Tuesday’s Workout

A) 10 Rounds :30:30
Row cals
Score = Total Calories

B) Reflect

C) Sumo DL (20 Minutes)
PEAK: 3 x 1 @ 95%
BASE: 5×3 (by feel)

D) Superset w/Arnold Presses 5×10

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