A Second Good-bye (and He’s Still Not Going Anywhere)

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Good-byes are usually hard, especially with someone who has been a leader in our community for over 8 years. It’s much easier, however, when a good-bye isn’t really a good-bye, but rather a change of context. Thursday morning’s the day… it will mark a milestone at CFLA, since it will be the last day in over 6 years that Michael is on the weekly class schedule. Yup… it’s really been that long.
Here’s the crazy thing… shaking him from our community hasn’t been so easy… 
A year ago, when he went from being the full time general manager of CFLA to being the full time CEO of the Whole Life Challenge, we first said our first good-byes (you can read that blog post here).
Now, just about a year later, we’re saying good-bye again… but again, he’s really not going anywhere. He’ll still be a regular participant in classes, and he’s still running the Whole Life Challenge… right here in Santa Monica. 
Whether you realize it or not, this community his hard to leave. When you find a group of people (coaches and students) who are all moving in the same direction that you are, with momentum and power; people that form a community that is positive, strong, powerful, effective and is committed to taking regular, daily, courageous action in their  life… they are people you want to be around, and don’t every really want to leave.  
In spite of this… Michael’s life is changing… And change is good, fresh, new, fun, exciting. Instead of coaching small groups in person at  CFLA, he’s now running a company, coaching coaches, developing software, and managing  large groups of people (think thousands), on-line, through the Whole Life Challenge. And trust me when I say… that is a full time job. It’s is actually the  manifestation of what he unknowingly started 8 years ago when he walked through the doors at Petranek Fitness.
So, join me, again, in wishing him all the best… in celebrating him and his growth… and know that in spite of this change, no… we haven’t seen the last of Michael Stanwyck!

Wednesday’s Workout
Recovery Practice 

A) Kipping pull-up skill practice

B) EMOM 30
1st min: 25-50 DU
2nd min: 6-10 Alt DB Snatches
3rd min: 30sec PVC Matrix-Matrix-Twist-Twist
4rd min: 10-15 Butterfly Abmat situps
5th min: 10-15 Pushups

And Coming Thursday
Mental Toughness

A) 20 Front squats (+2%)

B) Task vs Time vs Task Priority

1) Task Priority
500m Row, for time
  – Rest 3 min, then
2) Time Priority
Row as many meters as possible in the time it took to complete Part 1
   – Rest 3 min
3) Task Priority
Row the distance you covered in Part 2, for time.



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