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When I used to see plastic on the street, it would make my blood boil. Wrappers and cups and lids strewn about on the sidewalk and the gutters. Mostly, I’d see small billows of plastic shopping bags floating – on their way down to the ocean, eventually, to choke out our marine life. It was disheartening. But I realized that if I’m going to complain about something — especially as much as I did about plastic — then I need to be willing to do something about it. So, begrudgingly, I decided it was my civic duty to pick up any plastic that is on my path during walks and during my runs. Let’s just say, my run times are a lot slower now because once¬†you begin to notice the plastic on the street, you start to realize how much of it there is! Good lord. I’ll be enjoying my run when the glimmer of a baggie stuck to the fence behind a bush will catch my eye – I can’t unsee it; I can’t pretend it isn’t there just dying to get caught in a dolphin’s blowhole so I stop in my tracks, run to the bush and get the baggie. I hold it until I see the recycle bin. I’ve been doing this when I walk the dogs for a while, but over the course of the last few months, I’m more diligent and since I started running again, I can’t not do it then. It annoys me how much there is, but yet it’s satisfying to know there is less each time I walk or run.

If you have similar self-appointed civic duties, I’d love to hear about them.


Tuesday’s Workout
Mental Toughness

“Running Dead”
AMRAP 20-30
800m run
8 Deadlifts @ 60-65%
*original concept by CrossFit Wolfish*

Wednesday’s Workout

KB Complex
3 Rounds for Quality Load:
5 RKB Single-arm Swings (R&L)
5 KB Swing Snatches (R&L)
5 KB Swing Cleans (R&L)
5 KB Squats (R&L)
5 KB Presses (R&L)


3 RFQ (12minutes)

Hollow Body Hold
Push Ups
Calorie Row
Padded Tuck Jumps



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