Sending the Light To Our Own

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1 RM Jerk in 20 min
1 RM Front Squat in 20 min


3 Rounds for time:
800m Run
30 DB squat cleans (50/35)
30 BurpeesLife is fragile.

We’re reminded of it daily on the news. Injuries, crashes, fires, disasters, shootings, accidents, etc. And no one that it happens to seems to deserve it.

But it’s fairly easy to compartmentalize – after all, it’s happening to them… you know, the other ones… the ones ‘out there’. And, if you’re like me, you avoid the reminders by simply not watching.

But then, life happens right in your back door, and you can’t avoid noticing, watching and maybe even taking action.

I don’t know Kevin Ogar, but if he’s anything like the thousands of people I’ve met through the CFLA community – all of you, then I know him, and know him well. He’s kind, thoughtful, driven, fun to be around. He’s funny and intense, and has a real zealousness for life. He seems capable of literally anything, and he’s always taking the time to share what he knows with others. He’s a great guy. And he had a really bad day on Sunday.

Kevin – after an accident while snatching at the OC Throwdown, lies in the hospital with a severed spine. He can’t move his body from the waist down. And he has no health insurance. A world-wide fundraiser is in the process of being set up through Barbells for Boobs, but this young man is going to need more than just money. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers – just as you would one of our own.

And remember, life is fragile… that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be out there living it. It means that ‘shit happens’ – life changes with the snap of your fingers. We can’t eliminate the risk or the danger, it’s all part of being human.

So if you have trouble remembering things to be grateful for, try simply giving thanks for your ability to walk, breathe, see, smell, touch, hear, and love. Might not ordinarily seem like that big a deal… until, that is, the moment that you can’t.

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