Setting Intentions

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Friday’s Workout (NO CAP)
Complete 3 rounds of the following sequence.
Increase weight each round, working up to the max weight at which you can complete the entire round.
Rest as needed between rounds.

1 Muscle Clean, 1 Push Press
2 Muscle Cleans, 2 Push Press
3 Muscle Cleans, 3 Push Press
4 Muscle Cleans, 4 Push Press
5 Muscle Cleans, 5 Push Press
– Note: Cleans must be “touch & go” and the bar cannot rest on the ground until the end of the round.

… and coming Monday (CAP)
100 Double Unders
5 Overhead Squats (135/95)
75 Double Unders
10 OHS
50 Double Unders
15 OHS
25 Double Unders
20 OHS
What’s your intention? When you walk through the doors of the gym at CFLA, what, exactly, is your intention? Are you there that day for just an intense workout, or is your intention to learn a new movement, technique, or something new about yourself? Is your intention to practice and refine a skilll that you already have that you simply want to get better at, or is it to mobilize joints and stretch muscles that are in dire need of lengthening? Are you hoping to connect with your friends, or are you there to meet new ones?

Why do I ask? Knowing your intention before heading into the gym (or doing anything for that matter) dictates your actions that day. Know your intention, and the how just happens. If your intention is to learn a new skill that day, it is more than likely that you’ll put put just enough weight on the bar that allows you to lift it with proper form, and possibly hold back in the workout to develop proficiency with the fundamentals of the movement. If you’ve honored your intention, chances are you’ll feel in alignment both during class and after when you know that your practice that day was in alignment with what you had intended. It’s an extremely powerful way to enter the gym (or a meeting) – knowing why you’re there and what you intend to get out of it!

One way to set an intention that is a “catch all”, and one that I recommend that you use if you haven’t set one that is more specific – “Today I intend to go for the deepest level of skill development, strength improvement and intensity that my mind and body will allow.” Why bother setting an intention that is a catch all? Simple… practice.

What has your experience been in setting intentions? What are some of the ones that you use? Do you find that having them helps you gain more from your experiences at CLFA and/or in life?




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