Set a PR after a workout?  Absolutely!

Today’s Workout

2 x 1,200m (RI – 3 min)
2 x 800m (RI – 2 min)
2 x 400m (RI – 1 min)
*Note – RI=rest interval after each effort
**If we are in the middle of a deluge… the coach reserves the right to make this a rowing workout @ 1,500, 1,000, and 500m respectivelyEli was at CFLA today for a workout on his birthday. He finished the WOD (36 muscle ups on the low rings & burpees), then did “Karen”. When he was all finished, he got BACK up on the rings in the tall room, and proceeded to knock out 5 more muscle ups in a row!

He made a statement after he did that… that he has found that he very often sets Personal Records (PRs) after workouts… when the pressure is off, and he’s got nothing to lose by really going for it. I remember back at one of the many Level 1 Certs I’ve attended a very similar thing happend. We did a WOD with about 60 pull ups… and then about 30 minutes later, one of the guys I was there with got up to the pull up bar and proceeded to set a new PR for pull ups!

When do you set PRs? Before, during, or after a workout?

Where or where is that sunshine?? We miss you!

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