Seven Eleven

The Open results are currently being tallied… In the meantime, I can share what us coaches are looking for this week: 

Monday: You’ll partner with somebody to share a weight plate and cover a mile as fast as possible. If the plate is stopped or dropped you’ll give yourself a penalty to observed once you get back to home to the gym.  Key is teamwork, communication and constant movement.

Tuesday: We’ve been back squatting consistently, time to get under some weight.

Wednesday: We’ve been working on getting under the bar. Today we get to practice it. The snatch balance is a beautiful expression of healthy movement. Get in and be beautiful people. 

Thursday:  It’s a med ball conditioning workout.  The only time you let the son of a gun down is when you’re pulling and dippin’!  

Friday: A gymansty kinda day.  Body weight plus time to hone in all that double under practice we’ve been doing. 


Monday’s Workout

FT, sharing a plate with a partner:
     1 mile Plate run (45/25)
     **10 Burpee penalty each every time forward progress stops or plate is put down**


And Coming Tuesday

A) Back squat (Use 90% of 1RM + 8-20lb as 1RM)
     75% x 5
     85% x 3
     95% x 1+

     6 Power cleans (60%)
     12 Wallballs to 10’

C) 3 RFT
     12 Toes to bar
     50 Double unders
     **1min Rest between rounds**


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