Shampoo Optional (No Poo)


A) CFLA Baseline
500m Run
40 Squats
30 Situps
20 Pushups
10 Pullups

B) Nov 10, 2010
5 rounds, for time:
400m Run
15 Hang Squat Snatches (75#/45#)
15 Wall Ball (20#/14#)

Old School video of the Baseline:
Blog for Nov 10, 2010:


Nov 2, 2010
In 25 minutes:
Run 1250m followed by:
As many rounds as possible of:
5 Ground to overhead – (95/65)
10 Pull Ups
15 Box Jumps (24”/20”)

Blog for Nov 2, 2010
For over 20 years, since the first time that I learned that “Rinse. Lather. Repeat.” was a phrase concocted by a brilliant marketer to get more people to use more (and therefore, buy more) shampoo, I’ve been skeptical of many of the messages that we get from corporations trying to sell us their products. Do they really care about the consumer when creating a product and giving us instructions about how to use it? Or, are they just trying to make a buck?

About a year ago, Michael shared with me that he (back then) only shampoo’d his hair once every 2-4 weeks. At the time, I thought many things – gross, disgusting, doesn’t it smell?, yuck, the grease. But very gradually, over the course of the year, the concept planted a seed inside my head… is shampoo really necessary… and if so, how frequently? Where did I get the idea that shampooing daily was essential? From my mom? Who’s job it was to make sure I went to school clean as a whistle? Or was it just something that everyone just does, without thinking? And what about the thousands of years of human history before shampoo was invented? Did people’s hair just get ratty, nasty and smell?

Well, I decided to conduct an experiment on myself… I went completely off of shampoo at the beginning of February. I posted about it on Facebook a few weeks later… and one of my friends told me that it had been years since he shampooed… he uses baking soda and vinegar… AND… he doesn’t use soap either! Just coconut oil over his entire body. WHAT? This was too good to be true… another piece to add to the “no poo” experiment. I’d have to up the stakes and replace soap with coconut oil too.

So I’ve been both shampoo free AND soap free since mid February. For my hair, I use a 1:5 baking soda:water mixture first, then a 1:3 vinegar:water mixture as a rinse about twice each week. And I use coconut oil only on my body. I’ve found that the baking soda and vinegar leave my hair feeling way better than any shampoo ever has. Any evidence of dandruff that I have experienced during winter months is almost completely gone. The dirt (and smell) that I was sure I’d find on my skin after eliminating soap has been nowhere to be found (still, however, using deodorant).

Seem strange? Yup… it still does to me too! But it’s way cheaper, completely natural, and I’ve got to believe healthier for both my hair and the largest organ in any human body – the skin.

I’m not writing this post to tell you that you should try this too (although it might be worth taking a look at), rather, taking a look at the things that you do and asking the question, “Why?” Does it support you, your life, your body, and the way you want to live, or is it just something you do because you always have?

Chris White gets his first muscle up! #muscleup #YetAnother
Chris White gets his first muscle up!

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