Today’s Workout

Complete as many rounds in the ascending ladder as possible in 15 minutes of:
1-2-3… Muscle-ups
20 Jumping Lunges between each muscle up setMany of you already know Shirley… she’s been training at CFLA for over a year now, is a member of our Instructor Training Program, is an assistant instructor in the CFLA Kids program, is a co-founder of our Sweet Cheeks food blog, was the only female from CFLA to qualify for Regionals this year, and was a member of our affiliate team last year at the CrossFit Games. She has also been a personal trainer for many years and a person dedicated to health and fitness for herself and all those around her.

Well, I’m really happy to announce that later this month, Shirley will be one of our new instructors! She’ll be teaching a couple of the new classes we’re adding to the schedule – Tue at 8:30pm and Fri at 7:30pm. So, if you’re looking forward to taking one of her classes, please give her a shout out – along with a big CFLA WELCOME! We’re all really happy and excited to have her on board!




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