Shirley’s In Charge!

Shirley’s In Charge!

Today’s Skill
Review of back, front, and OH squat
Review of press, push press, push jerk

Today’s Workout
2-3 rounds, for time:
Run to tree and back
10 back squats
10 front squats
10 overhead squats
Run to tree and back
10 shoulder press
10 push press
10 push jerk

Today’s Game
“Simon Says”If you haven’t met Shirley Brown, you’re missing out! Shirley is one of our instructors here at CFLA Kids and, boy, do the kids love her. Shirley is a natural with children and knows her CrossFit stuff, too. She has a lot of experience working with kids of all ages and has been a great asset to the CFLA Kids program. Look for Shirley to be leading classes in the near future!

Shirley shows off her duck walk!



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