Simple, Short, Fun… Your Holiday Gift Workout Exchange

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I was talking to Alex Bentley yesterday about how some of the easiest looking little workouts… you know, ones that you look at on paper that look simple, are relatively short, have movements you know well, (ones that need no introduction and are bodyweight)… come on, you know what I’m talking about. They can be incredibly hard and challenging.

Anyway, I was saying when talking to Alex, that with the holidays coming up and our collective need to have something to do on our own as a way to keep moving over the extended break, it would be really useful for each person that reads the blog to take 2 minutes to come up with a workout like this and post it up in the comments. Then, if and when you’re looking for inspiration over the holiday, you can refer to this blog post, pick one, and make it happen… bing, bang, boom. Now look… this only works is if, when you read this, that you take 2 minutes to write something down and post it. Think of it as your holiday gift for everyone in our extended community!

So – that’s what this is – a request for you to spend a few minutes and post a workout of your own design in comments. Here are the only requirements: It must be simple (movements should require no explanation), short (less than 10 minutes), contain bodyweight movements only. It will probably look simple, but it will pack a punch. 

Think of this as your Holiday Gift Workout Exchange!  I’ll start with a few  of my own.

1. 10 rounds of :30 on/:30 off – push ups (or squats, sit ups, bicycles, hollow rocks, arch rocks, lunges, etc)

2. 5 rounds :30 run/:90 off

3. 5 rounds :30 hollow rocks, :30 arch rocks, :30 bicycles, :30 rest

Wednesday’s Workout

A) Press (15min)
Work up to heavy 3

B) Task vs Time vs Task Priority
1) Task Priority
500m Row, for time
-3min Rest
2) Time Priority
Row as many meters as possible in the time it took to complete Part 1
-3min Rest
3) Task Priority
Row the result of Part 2, for time
**See 10/16/14**

And Coming Thursday

A) Back Squat (20min)
Work up to heavy 3

B) 3 Rounds for quality on the 5:00
200m Run
10 Thrusters (~50%)
4 Rope climbs
**4min Cap each round**



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