Simple, True and Hard

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Thank you Coach Silber for leading the effort to freshen up CFLA’s School of Mastery.

RIP – Danny B.


Monday’s Workout

A) 1k Row

   –1min Rest–

   3 RFQ
   12 Jumping lunges
   12 Toes to bar

–1min Rest–

200 Double unders

Back squats
   3-5 x 2 (~90-95%)

Weighted chinups
   Work up to heavy 3

Tuesday’s Workout
Mental Toughness

“Down In The Valley”
343m Row
9 KB Goblet squats (32/24)
16 Alt KB Snatches
19 KB Swings

**Written by Alek Edwards**
22 Battalions in LACoFD.
343 firefighters lost their lives on 9/11.
LACoFD Engine 9 was Jimmy Howe’s rig. He lost his life fghting a fire in the 90s.
Camp 16 was where LACoFD firefighters Ted Hall and Arnie Quinones lost their lives fighting a station fire.
19 Hotshots firefighters Yarnell, AZ in June 2013. One of them was Kevin Woyjeck, son of LACoFD Captain Joe Woyjeck.





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