Simply Sitting Still


Recovery WOD
A) 3 Rounds For Quality (controlled recovery pace, exceptional form):
200 run
250 row
:60 rest
B) 10 Min P. Sn. work
Work up to 80% (do not exceed). Speed and technique absolute priority.
C) 4 Rounds For Quality:
5 HPS @ 65-70% of Part B
15 TTB
25 squats


For time:
1,000m Row
50 Thrusters (45)
30 Pull-ups
*See 1/17 for Jackie resultsWhy is it when I hear the word ‘meditation’, I can find at least 300 other things I’d rather be doing? I mean whether it’s 5:30am (rather be sleeping), 7:30am (rather be eating), 9am (rather be working), 12 noon (rather be training), 3pm (rather be checking email), 6pm (rather be driving home), 8pm (rather be putting my son to bed), 10pm (rather be sleeping). There is always something that I ‘should’ be doing – something other than sitting quietly.

Sitting quietly is the last thing that my conscious mind wants me to do… I’m obviously too busy, with too many other things to do that are way more valuable than just sitting still. Yet, I have this inner knowing, tugging at me, telling me that no…sitting still is exactly what I should be doing.

So this week, while participating in the Whole Life Challenge, I’m giving it my all – 10 minutes every day. So far I’m 2 days for 2. Somehow, knowing that there are hundreds of others out there struggling with it, just like me, makes it easier and more fun. Join me!

Grace under pressure. Photo by Carlos Tapia.

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