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Today’s Workout
CrossFit Open WOD 12.4

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
150 Wall Balls
– Men – 20# medicine ball, 10′ target
– Women – 14# medicine ball, 9′ target
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-upsMany of the most fundamental, basic and long lasting scientific discoveries and truths were made long ago by people who used only their eyes and minds to observe simple phenomena that today we use complex and extraordinarily expensive computers, satellites, telescopes and other devices to replicate and refine.

When you consider workout fads that come and go, new devices that promise ridiculous and unbelievable results and experts who want to teach you about the newest “science-based” techniques and nutrition, consider that the basics of human movement have been understood for thousands of years. Starting almost 800 years before the birth of Jesus and lasting for almost over 1000 years, the Greek Olympics celebrated human athleticism as a tribute to the Gods with the same kinds of things you and I do today — races from the 100 to the 5k, wrestling, throwing, and the long jump. Not only that, but they did it in the nude! This type of work created bodies that exemplified the human form and were something to see.

As people, we have known forever what human physical mastery looks like and how to train for it. It looks like lifting heavy things, throwing things, jumping and running, gymnastic movements, pushing and pulling — using your entire body as the powerful tool that it is to get real work done. What we do isn’t a fad or the latest craze. It may be the latest iteration of some of the oldest physical knowledge that we have as humans, but it will never go away as a truth as related to the human body.

What you do here is a continuation of a very long lineage that stretches back to the beginning of the time when we discovered that training made us stronger.

The video below is a fun TED talk that demonstrates some of the most basically understood scientific knowledge of our day that was “discovered” long ago by curious, clever, insightful and observant individuals.

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