Sit Ups – Go Bill, Go!

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Sit ups – did you know that the USMC has abandoned basic sit ups as part of it’s physical fitness test for the more “politically correct” crunch? What’s wrong with sit ups? You might have heard that they’re bad for your back or that they require you to use your hip flexors. If all you do are sit ups, there is a possibility that they can be bad for you – but isn’t that the same with just about anything? And your hip flexors are SUPPOSED to work in conjunction with your abdominal muscles – that’s the point! Ask a gymnast how many crunches he/she does in their training and they’ll look at you like you’re insane – crunches? Why bother?

Complete as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes of:
30 seconds of L-Sit
20 hollow rocks
20 leg drops (alternating)



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