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Rowing well on a C2 Rowing Ergometer takes practice and skill (in addition to a high metabolic fitness level!) That was the purpose of our Rowing Seminar on Sunday – to help shed light on and develop new rowing techniques and skills so that next time you get on an erg, you have a better chance of rowing more effectively and efficiently. Many thanks to Josh Crosby, the founder of Indo Row and a rower / teacher extraordinaire. He masterfully broke the rowing stroke down into “bite-sized” components in a way everyone could understand, and gave us all tools to work with to continue to improve. Post your “take-away” from the seminar in comments (or your shout-out to Josh for his great instruction!)

Josh Crosby teaching at our C2 Rowing Seminar

Today’s Workout

Five rounds for time of:
10 Deadlifts (m-250 lbs, w-165 lbs)
10 Ring dips



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