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Today’s Workout

With a partner, accumulate as many points as possible in 20 minutes.
Squats – 1 point
Push Ups – 2 points
Burpees – 3 points
You may only alternate with your partner at each 2 minute point.Last weekend, one of our fellow CrossFitters from CFLA, Z, competed in the OC Throwdown, an annual CrossFit competition put on down South in Orange County. When I thought about Z participating I started thinking about the value of competition. Z didn’t enter the OC Throwdown thinking that he was going to win. Yet he paid the entry fee and went his hardest anyway. Why, why, why would you enter not to win?

It’s because putting something at stake is the key to success. Maybe Z just wanted to know absolutely what he was capable of. None of us are machines. You can WANT something all day long but without some kind of goal or structure in place to keep you accountable, you can always put something off for another day. I know this from my own personal experience. When I was training for the sectionals last year I was in my peak shape ever. Never thought I’d even come in the top 20, but I was interested in seeing what I was capable of. Then sometime around July last year I started to slack. I wanted certain results but the reality was that day to day I couldn’t see the impact of not pursuing them. I finally decided that enough was enough and put something at stake. I played a game and each week if I didn’t work out 3 times I owed someone $100. Guess what — I never lost. Now I’m back on track and enjoying myself, training to cut some significant time off of my challenge baseline — my next structure.

Z may not have been interested in winning, I don’t know, you’d have to ask him. I do know that he is interested in being in the best possible physical condition he can be. Putting himself in a box may have given him the incentive not to let himself off the hook when he otherwise might have wanted to. So make a promise, enter something, put yourself on the hook, make sure there is a consequence. It is not a failure to need the box — it is a sign of your total commitment to yourself and what you want. It’s also fun, by the way. At the end of the day you actually win either way – you know yourself as someone who can create their life rather than let it just happen. Interested?

After crushing the workout, Todd takes a brief respite from waking life.



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