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Today’s Workout
For time:
Pyramid from 1 – 8 – 1 reps of:
Dead Hang Pull Ups
DB Floor Press, 55/40
Front Squats, 135/95The weekly challenge in the Whole Life Challenge this week is to get 7 hours of sleep per night (or accumulated total including naps). I thought it was interesting that very recently, two articles came out regarding sleep… one, a report from BBC News about the myth of the 8-hour sleep, and another Robb Wolf’s take on the article. Both are fascinating and recommended reading.

For me, I know I feel better when I get 7-9 hours of sleep every night in a dark room. I also know that with the number of distractions in the evening in my life (most involve Facebook, email and great TV shows), my tendency is to NOT get 7-9 hours, rather 5-6. And it makes a huge difference in my vitality. What about you? Does this weekly challenge have an impact on you? Is it difficult? Do you feel better with 7+ hours of good sleep?




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