Slip Slidin’ Away


A) EMOM 10:
alternating movements:
3 Clean below knee (no drop) @ 70% of 1RM
:30 max dips (ring, bar, or box)
B) :45:30:15:30:45 of:
Hollow rocks
Arch rocks
C) 4 rounds for reps (:90:90) of:
:30 max pushups
:60 max du’s
:90 seconds rest


A) Individual comp for best costume.
-voted on by class
– winner gets choice of drink of choice: coconut water, smart water, etc.
B) Team Chipper.
Teams of 4 – 2 people working at a time:
DL 20,000 lbs (beg 14,000)
300 butterfly abmat situps (beg 200)
Hang Squat Clean and Jerk 6,000 lbs (***beg 4,000)
100 TTB (beg v-up)
2 mi run (beg 2K total)You’re slipping. Yup… you’re currently slip-sliding down an invisible and imperceptibly gentile slope toward your eventual and unavoidable demise. Awesome way to start Friday – huh? Well there is SOME good news in all of this… although you can’t avoid being on the slope and sliding, you can control the steepness of the slope, and hence the speed at which you’re slipping.

You see, every choice you make every single day of your life has an impact… the more obvious ones like how many hours of sleep you get each night, the quantity and quality of the food you eat, the frequency and intensity of your exercise, and the amount of sugar you consume. And then the not-so-obvious ones like the way you handle the stress of your job; the intensity, speed and pressure you put on yourself to succeed and ‘win’ at life; the height of your high heels and the amount you wear them (and your posture at your desk), the quantity and quality of the ‘me time’ that you give yourself (or don’t give yourself), the frequency and quality of your conversations with your mom and dad, the amount of kindness, love and joy you feel and express in your everyday life. And that list can go on and on and on…

Now – all of these things have an impact of the steepness of your slope. The real question is, do you REALLY want to know which have the most? And once you do, are you willing to do something about it? Or would you prefer to just continue sliding without looking or knowing since it’s slow enough that you don’t really notice each day anyway? Here’s the thing – at some point you WILL know, when you get far enough down that slope – and it probably won’t be nice and gentile (nope, life will probably give you a smack if you’re looking the other way).

The choice is yours, and whether you knew it or not, you’re making it every day. What’s it gonna be?

Great job today , Carolyn. #backsquat #crossfit
Carolyn showing us how it’s done!

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