Slowing it Down, Keeping it Simple

Last week I said goodbye to my dear friend, my beautiful dog Ginger. A little over four years ago I was on the hunt for a dog friendly apartment, then a dog to put inside. Ginger was my first dog as a “grown up”.  Growing up I had two dogs; Superman was my dog when I was really young, a sweet black lab who my sister named. Tippy was my dog during my grade school, middle school and high school years, sweet, energetic and sometimes crazy mixed breed dog who we got from my mom’s best friend.

From as far back as I can remember I have always loved dogs. For me it’s probably because it was easier to interact with them then people. I haven’t always been the best at communicating with people, but with a dog I could give them a look and touch and its like they understand me.  Dogs usually don’t talk back, they are mostly willing to give you attention as long as we give them some love in return, and they are so very loyal.

I remember the day I found Ginger at the West LA shelter, I was about to leave and the lady who was showing me around asked: “You wouldn’t want to meet an old dog would you?” I said of course I would. So that day I met Ginger, a super mellow, shy dog that really showed no interest in me at all, regardless, I loved that she was calm and was pure beauty in my eyes. I spent some time with her, then went home to think about this big decision I was about to make. I checked in with my roommate and let her know she must come meet the dog that might adopt. I also had my best friend and her dog come to the shelter to meet. It was imperative that we all got along since we were going to live together and be friends. The next day after a lot of thought I brought Miss G Home. That night she slept in my bathroom all curled up in a ball on the floor. Whenever I opened the front door she would want to escape out. She also barked at me while I ate pizza (it’s like she knew it wasn’t the best choice)  This behavior didn’t last long after she learned that I truly did love her and would feed her, give her toys and take her outside to play.

This was the beginning of a beautiful new friendship and some new patterns for me. As many of you dog owners know they require a lot of care and time. One thing I was truly grateful for is that I could bring miss G to work with me. Thank you Andy!  This is one thing that I made sure was ok before getting a dog. So, G went on car rides with me, came to work, jogged, went to the dog beach and bonded over many things.

Two years into our relationship Miss G lost her vision. One day I was playing with her and I realized she hadn’t noticed her toys as easily. In fact, she was having trouble seeing the food I put in front of her. This is when life started to slow down for us. Our runs turned into walks, the squirrels she used to chase were not recognizable anymore and our race up the stairs at the end of our walks had become a daunting task. Ginger now truly needed all eyes on deck to keep her safe as her eyes weren’t doing what they needed too.

This slow down in life was probably just what I needed. Getting Ginger did slow me down in a good way. Making sure she was fed, walked, loved and had attention at home.  The loss of vision presented yet another way for me to bring awareness to life. I could no longer rush a dog walk or say fetch, but walk with care and mindfulness.

Ginger taught me about unconditional love. I truly loved that girl no matter what. She stood by my side, protected me from anything and anyone and gave me love whenever I needed it. I often would get upset with the little lady whole nose took over her life and led her to the trash. The loss of one sense lead to a heightening of another, smell. No matter what trouble she got into, how much hair she left around the home or shoes she chewed she will always be loved and I will remember to slow down and move through life with intention and purpose.

Keep it simple recipe:

Roasted Garlic

What you’ll need:
as many cloves of garlic as you like
Olive Oil
Parchment paper or foil

Oven or BBQ to around 400 degree

What do to:
Chop off the tail of garlic, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt.
Wrap in foil or parchment and cook for about an hour until fragrant.

Smear on a cracker, bread with tomatoes or whatever you like.

Thursdays workout:
Tire Week

A) Tire bodyweight skill practice
5 Sucka Punch Foos with feet on the tire

B) “Team Tire!”
10 Air squats
10 Tire plank ups
10 Air squats
10 Tire taps (2-ct)

And Coming Friday:
Tire Week

A) Tire flip skill practice

B) 3 RFR, 2min at each station, alternate reps with a partner
      Rope climbs
      Wall walks
      Sandbag ground to shoulder
      Tire flips
–1min Rest between rounds–


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