Slowing Things Down

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So, this past Monday, I turned 34!  To celebrate, two buddies and I traveled to Joshua Tree, and camped in two different areas, Indian Cove and Black Rock.  They were extremely different in their natural surroundings, but each was special. 

What I enjoyed most about the entire trip, were the few minutes that we sat around the fire, turned off the music, stared up into the stars, and just sat in complete silence.  It was quite the experience, one that I want to continue to incorporate into my daily life. 

You don’t need to sit amongst the rocks and trees to experience slowing things down, you can easily do it sitting in your apartment, car or work place.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with the Wim Hof breathing protocol, and a 10 minute meditation.  It takes discipline and dedication to roll out of bed and head right into breath or meditative work, but I’ve already noticed the benefits I’ve gained into controlling the endless amount of thoughts and pressures that go through our heads on a daily basis. 

At Crossfit LA we practice mastery towards not only the way we move, but also the intention as to how we move.  I’m excited to start my journey towards mastery of the mind as well!

Wednesday’s Workout:

In 12min
1250m Run
Max Alt Single-arm DB G2S2O + Pushup + Ren Row (45/30)

And Coming Thursday

Back squats

B) Handstand walk bash

40 Double unders
10 Kipping pullups
40 Double unders
10 Pushups



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