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CrossFitters love empirical data. We love to record and measure and compare and often obsess about The Numbers. Measuring our progress reinforces what we suspect is going on when we’ve worked out consistently and when our quads feel firmer, when we’re standing up straighter and our jeans are fitting better.

But when The Numbers start to churn in our minds and become more important than then they should, funny things start to happen. Our egos can hardly handle a slip of a score or if we, god forbid, have the worst time of the day. We start to allow The Numbers to beat us down until they supersede the process, the joy of it all, and the big picture.

This is when prescribing smiley faces instead of scores might be a good idea.

I say this for the same reasons I advise people not to weigh themselves every day — or hardly at all. Once we begin to define ourselves by a number that is, in fact, determined by a many factors, we’ve lost the point. We are not a number.  Or a score of the day. Even the days we do come in last or our back squat weight is not where it “should” be, in the grand scheme of things, who cares? We are multi-dimensional fascinating and caring beings who happen to workout for many varying  and good reasons. It’s hard to detach, however, from the stronghold of where we think The Numbers should be until we just erase them or not record them at all. Even if just temporarily.

I often give myself smiley faces. There are many days when I just want to get a good workout. I don’t feel like comparing against others or seeing how much better or worse I did the last time. Sometimes I don’t feel like performing for the intention of just a number. Without a score, I don’t try any less hard. I just do without thinking too far ahead of the exact moment. In many ways, it’s liberating.

Unless you’re training for something very specific, prescribing smiley faces now and again can often ground us. It can certainly reel our egos back in a bit. It might even remind us of the MANY intentions for working out, instead of one, two-dimensional score.




Four rounds for time:
400m Run
89 DU
7 Hang Squat Cleans (155/105)

Followed by 50 Burpees



A) 4 Rounds for Pace
300m Run
400m Row
**Rest exactly 2min between rounds**
**Keep rounds within 10-15sec**

B) 4 RFT
6 DL (65%)
8 Alt pistols
10 Pull-ups (kipping ok)



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